Remote display for PLUS & GeoTrip + AVS

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Driver display simply plugs into the Terratrip 202 or 303 and will give you a display showing the below. There are also LED indicators that show AVS (Average Speed) error in seconds. The AVS target speed can be pre-programmed into the tripmeter or entered 'On The Fly'.

  • All 202/303 models V5&5, Interval Distance up to 99.99, Road Survey 9.999
  • 202 Plus/Geotrip, Distance & Speed. No speed if connected to 202 Classic
  • 303 Plus, Distance, Speed and Average Speed
  • 303 GeoTrip, Speed, Average Speed, Distance & regularity target speed indicators.
  • Shows Miles or km
  • LED display back lighting
  • Regularity target speed indicators. LEDs

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