Terraphone Professional PLUS Amplifier

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Build your own intercom system with the Terraphone Professional Plus+, simply add your choice of headsets to the Terraphone amplifier. The professional Plus+ is fully Peltor compatible.

  • Peltor compatible
  • Two volume controls
  • Powered from car battery
  • Noise cancelling microphones for improved sound reproduction
  • 2 way radio connection, with radio isolation switch
  • AVC (auto volume control), eliminates 100% of amplified background noise
  • Limiter, automatically reduces maximum amplified noise for as short period. If you shout, the other person will not be deafened, the electronics temporarily reduces the maximum peak of amplification.
External Connections
  • Connection for telephone via Bluetooth adapter (optional adapter T030)
  • Connection to interface with 2 way radio (optional radio wiring kit T038)
  • Audio output socket for MP3 recorder (recording pace notes) or video camera
  • Audio input, for music or other audio devices
  • Non helmet practice headsets for crew communication on road sections or when preparing pace notes
  • Available in both full face and open face headset optionsRemove product image
  • Full face noise cancelling headset. Part No T044
  • Open face noise cancelling headset. Part No. T045
  • Practice headset (none helmet headset). Part No. T047
  • Bluetooth telephone adapter. Part No. T030
  • 2 Way radio kit. Part No. T038

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